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V6 Plans w/Parts list

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Algae Turf Scrubber 

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Unfortunately Youtube has decided to eliminate my commerical funding so I had to raise the price a bit from what the video said.  Sending your password is a manual process at this point so it may take up to a couple days for me to email it.  

V7 Plans w/Parts list


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By clicking the donate button you agree to abide by  the US copyright laws.  You further agree not to monitize, copy, post, or make these plans available to anyone else.   You are obtaining these plans for personal use only and will not make multiple products from them for profit.

Copyright © 2015 Gary Schultze and Cyclone Custom Corp, All rights reserved. 

The turf scrubber plans and DIY video took a lot of effort to create.  If they can help you in your planning for a DIY Algae Turf Scrubber in any way please donate to help support our efforts.  I will continue to update the plans to make them more complete.  Please feel free to download the free updates after you donate once. 

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Revision Updates

Changes V2-V3:

  • Added PVC pipes, fittings, and valves

  • Added fasteners and o-rings

  • Updated dimensions on 300251-001 

  • Added assembly drawings and exploded view

  • Added complete parts list including p/n and where to buy them

  • Added 300252-001 lid drawing and parts list

Changes V4:

  • Added 300253-001 Flow Tube and Screen Assembly

  • Added dimensioned drawings of flow tube, screen, & screen clips

  • Added list of materials for everything in the plans

  • Updated hole sizes in 300251-001 drawings


Changes V5:

  • Updated drawing names


Changes V6:

  • Updated minor drawings and materials lists errors - final for old lights version


Changes V7:

  • Replaced lights with new dimmable version

  • Added new light brackets

  • Updated drawings and materials lists




Otherwise please donate $7.50 and view the plans. 


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